Solutions for Happier, Healthier & More Productive Teams

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    Soft Skills Training & Speaking

    Most business problems are people problems.  Our soft skills training series, interactive workshops, keynote talks, and retreats, designed to enhance interpersonal effectiveness and create emotionally intelligent workplaces, will help your team become the high-functioning, well-oiled machine needed to achieve organizational goals. 

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    Program Development & Consulting

     From designing workplace wellness initiatives to designing leadership development programs that take your managers to the next level, our employee engagement program development and consulting services will help you articulate your vision and put a plan in place to achieve it. Our comprehensive services include assessment, program development and facilitation, and ongoing advisory.

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    Executive Coaching

    Coaching is a powerful tool for both executives and emerging leaders. Our one-to-one coaching programs help leaders assess areas of strength and challenge, and create customized plans to achieve individual growth goals. Leaders enhance critical skills development and develop the confidence to uplevel performance at all levels of the organization through our executive coaching solutions.


We help you engage your team to enhance interpersonal effectiveness, increase productivity, and ensure organizational success.


Transform Your Team.

Knights Consulting Group is a leadership development consultancy focused on strengthening leaders and teams, and enhancing workplace culture. Through our coaching, training, and consulting services; we partner with organizations to implement innovative people-centered initiatives to meet organizational goals and increase employee engagement.
Using our A+ Team™ Four Point plan, we help organizations solve their employee engagement and team dynamic challenges.  If you are looking for a comprehensive solution, we can customize a program for your organization that starts with ASSESSMENT.  We meet with your leaders and key players to get to the heart of the issue and conduct an audit of who's on the team, their roles, and the levels of function and dysfunction in the areas of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results.
Next, using research-based assessments, we help you gain AWARENESS of the personalities that you have to manage in the workplace, their conflict strategies, and motivators for change.  With this foundation of truly understanding the challenges of your unique team, we create your customized A+ Teams ACTION plan that may include training, executive coaching, team building initiatives, and other interventions tailored to your needs.
Lastly, after spending some time helping your team to implement your customized action plan, we conduct a Power-Up Management Coaching session with your managers to help them hold the team ACCOUNTABLE, maximize on the momentum of the action plan, and lead effectively moving forward.  
We have worked with various clients, including government, non-profit, education, and for-profit entities. We are passionate about helping organizations create happier, healthier, and more productive teams, and would love to learn more about your company and how we can help you to transform your team and increase productivity. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

The A+ Teams Program


  • up to 200%

    Cost of Employee Turnover

    With direct replacement costs, transition costs, and other indirect adminsitrative costs; It is estimated that the total cost of turnover is 90 - 200% of an employee's annual salary. (Society of Human Resources Management)

  • 68%

    Disengaged Employees

    68% of employees are disengaged. Engaged employees produce more, make more money for the company, provide better customer service, and create environments where people are committed and accountable. (Gallup, 2015)

  • #1 Priority

    Leadership Development

    Two thirds of execuitves say that "leadership development and succession management" constitute their number one "human capital priority. (McKinsey Consulting data, 2016)


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    Laura E. Knights, LCSW is an author, speaker, licensed therapist, and executive coach that has been developing personal and professional development programs for the last 16 years. Her expertise and background in business, human resources, and social work uniquely equip her to teach others how to deal with both the "head work" and "heart work" required to succeed at work and in life.  Laura is the lead trainer and coach for Knights Consulting Group.

"Laura Knights brings to the table the knowledge and guidance to help organizations build leadership skills in their teams.  Thanks to Laura our team of 80+ was able to reflect and build on their communication styles, set goals for their individual programs, and reflect on how we all contribute to the success of the organization. This year Laura helped us build our professional development plans, improve transparency, and even supported us through building an employee-led wellness committee.  Laura is invested in making sure her clients succeed and takes the time to schedule calls and in-person meetings to hold you accountable for the goals set.  She is a MUST-HAVE for organizations!

Ruby Camacho, Associate Director
The Center for Literacy at the University of Illinois-Chicago


What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • " Laura provided a series of leadership training sessions for AmeriCorps members which were very insightful!  The six-part series included topics such as communication and conflict resoultion skills, problem-solving an decision-making, goal settings, and identifying one's core values.  Laura was personable, knowledgeable, and a great motivator.  We will definitely request Laura to be a returning mentor for our incoming AmeriCorps members! "

    Marta Salas, Coordinator
    AmeriCorps Project MORE

  • "Laura did a phenomenal job of sharing her perspective on 'Embracing Change & Forging Success.' She provided tangible examples for dealing with change and didn't hold back on sharing relevant examples.  The presentation was full of life. We will definitely have to invite her back!

    Natalie Morrow, Manager

  • "We invited Laura to facilitate our board retreat.  She was excellent!  She consulted with us before to develop the agenda and activities, and provided her expertise and guidance to ensure our desire outcomes for the event were achieved. As a result of the retreat, we have idenitifed more effective recruiting sources for program volunteers and staff, streamlined programs, and developed a plan to diversify funding.  

    Tiffany Fincher, Executive Director
    Aspirations of Life, Nfp

Some of Our Past Clients

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We would love to work with your organization to help you strengthen your leaders and your team.
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